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The Uprising of Slavery in America

            Through out the centuries slavery has been a huge part of our history dating all the way back to the Spanish Empire in the sixteenth century. There have been different types of slavery from Indian slaves, to English indentured servants, and African slaves. Slavery was a big part of our nation becoming established, most slave work was hard labor that without it our nation would not have survived. America is the nation it is today because of slavery, and although at the time the Declaration of Independence was not made with the slaves in mind, it later became the key reason for their freedom.
             The rise of slavery dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century whenever the Spanish Empire was establishing in America. African slaves were not necessary, because the Spanish Americans forced tens of thousands of Indians to work for them. The Creek Indians welcomed the new settlers and began to sell them slaves that were generally war captives. The Creek tribe would even launch wars on neighboring tribes for the sole purpose to capture and sell other Indians. The Indians worked in the gold and silver mines along with working on large-scale farms. The Indians performed most of the labor whenever it came to agriculture. Spanish rulers proclaimed that the reason for enslaving the Indians was to liberate "them from their backwardness and savagery and enabling them to become part of Christian civilization." It was very easy for Indians to run away because they were so familiar with the countryside, and due to the harsh working environments and dangerous epidemics that the Indians had to endure; there was a disastrous fall in population. These two problems were the main reason why Indian slavery never became viable.
             Once more settlers migrated over to America different forms of slavery started to come around. In the seventeenth century nearly two-thirds of the new English settlers came as indentured servants.

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