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Allusions from Lovely Bones

             From the book Lovely Bones, I have selected the following allusion to discus and also to give it form and place in this writing. The allusion that I picked is "To kill a Mockingbird." The reason why I chose this allusion is mainly because I believe that that this topic has a lot in common with the book in the way that it is connected to the various scenes through out the book.
             The first connection that I found very interesting between "To kill a Mockingbird & Lovely Bones is that both books contain the same basic idea, which is that the main characters suffer a terrible tragedy, but the town people don't know who the bad person is. So the book keeps going on and on until the parents and the town people of the injured (kill) fine out which that person was. But something unexpected happened, and it was that they were badly misjudging the wrong person. .
             A thing that I thought was interesting to discuss is that between the two books there is a strong acquaintance, in the way that Susie and "Mockingbird-book main character have the similar actions and dreams. Susie's dream was that she wanted to be everything in life. I mean with this that Susie wanted to be famous, have absolutely everything what she wants. But the fact that I believe it makes it a big dream is that she wants all those entire things together at one, like if they were to pick up from the tree. .
             This part in my writing helped me to realize that some things" in life are really hard to obtain at once, because if you want something badly you need to fight for it until you get it and no to give up easily like Susie's mom did. Mr. Salmon (Susie's father) is a great example of not giving up, because he wants to know badly who Susie murderer was. He feels that the fault was his because he kind of grew apart from the family before this tragic accident happened, so now he is trying to correct and fill all those life holes that he left behind, by taking more care about Lindsey and Buckley, since that her mom already gave up.

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