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The North and South in 1861

            After the astonishing development during the era of Industrial Revolution, both north and south develop two distinct economic systems. The north favored the huge profits brought by the factories, and the south became the Cotton Kingdom under the invention of cotton gin. Nevertheless, these differences inevitably led to the conflicts between north and south on the issue of slavery. North condemned the slavery as an immoral oppression, however south claimed slavery as their property and also their unalienable right. The beginning of heated debates in the nation gradually dissolved and consumed the Union and it's resources. Eventually, the struggle over slavery led South Carolina and other state seceded from the Union and established the Confederacy on 1861. The major reason for the unwillingness of the north and the south to compromise was the feeling of bitterness and betrayal from previous experiences. Furthermore, Abraham Lincoln's victory in the election of 1860 unquestionably served as the last straw for the outbreak of these struggles.
             First, although numerous compromises were established to settle the disputes between the north and the south, serious events had contributed to the disunity and the bitterness between north and south. The atmosphere of betrayal unavoidably led to the clash in 19861. For instance, in the late 1850, California rapidly became a state. Despite the fact that most of the California laid south of the Missouri Compromise, California's new constitution still forbade slavery. This issue of slavery in California made the southerners felt their way of life wasn't respected by the northerners. Moreover, the literary work, Uncle Tom's Cabin, future intensified the tension between the north and the south. The northerners increase their hater on the Fugitive Slave Act. In addition, the southerners were frustrated by the stereotypes in the novel. Last but not least, the long-term effect of the events, for example the incident happened in Bleeding Kansas, such as Pottawatomie Massacre, and the violence in the Senate would only served as the catalysts of making compromises became an implausible solution.

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