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Civil War

            The website that I found had everything that anyone would ever want to know about the Civil War. It has photos from the Gettysburg Address and it also has what Lincoln said in his first inaugural address. It has maps showing all of the battles of the Civil War and the route traveled by both armies. I read on this site that slavery was the cause of the Civil War because the North wanted to abolish slavery so that the South couldn't have any more slaves. It states all of the generals and officers that had a position in the army. It shows who won the different battles and how many casualties that were reported. This topic could be used in either Social Studies or in the Language Arts classroom.
             1. List the reason for the start of the Civil War? Slavery was the major issue for the start of the Civil War.
             2. Describe one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War? One of the bloodiest battles that took place in the war also took place in Tennessee.
             3. Discuss why slaves were an important issue in 1861? Slaves were an important issue because the South used slaves to do work in the field for the cotton production to sell to the North to make them money.
             4. Why did the North want to ban slavery? Because they thought that having slaves was wrong, and against the rights Americans had.
             5. Define the term Civil War? Civil War- a war between two different groups of the same country.
             6. How was the state of West Virginia created? On April 17, 1861 the Va. Secession Convention passed an ordinance of secession thus creating West Virginia.
             7. Justify how many people Tennessee lost in the war? Civilwar.net states that Tennessee lost 6,777 people in the war.
             8. Contrast two battles? The battle of Olustee, and the battle of Bentonville. The battle of Olustee was fought on February 20, 1864, and the battle of Bentonville was fought on March 19 - 21, 1865.
             9. Compare two battles? The battle of Olustee, and the battle of Bentonville.

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