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Helicopter Parenting

            In the article "Helicopter Parenting Turns Deadly," Judith Warner starts her article with a short story of Megan's mother who created a fake MySpace profile and pretended to be a 16 years old boy whom Megan Meier was having a relation with. When Megan knew the fact and could not accept the blow, it caused Megan to commit suicide. Warner believes that the main cause of tragedies is the online communications, which make today's parents fall into a disturbing level. Many parents try to help their children to deal with their social challenges, but the circumstances are far different from what they expect. She points out the effects that it has on the children through examples to support how the "helicopter parenting turns deadly". It illustrates that parents hovering is not a good way to take care their children. It may be a bad influence on children because the parents underestimate the benefits of allowing children to solve problem by their own. Therefore, parents should take care their children without interrupting the children's privacy.
             In our society, there are numerous cases about parents intervened their children's community. They tried to protect their children by using ridiculous methods, which are they expect it is playing a key role of understanding and approaching their children. Many occurrences unexpectedly come out because they do not truly understand what their children feel. Moreover, most of the parents are self-centeredness. Numerous parents used to monitor their children, interrupt their privacy, and control what their children should do. Not all of the children feel comfortable with what their parents offered to them, but there are still some of children would like to follow their parents' arrangements. That's why our society appears "Helicopter Parenting". .
             When I was studying at high school, my relationship with my mother was solid. I always talked with her when I was suffering.

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