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            Fighting two or more countries o opposingroup withinacountry envolving large number of soldiers,means of transportor weapons iscalled "war".
             Whenever I hear or read this word, it comes to my mind many examples , such as; Seven years word, First and Second world war and more close related touor country "Malvinas war". In the latter one , we as a country won absoluteky nothing, we lost everithing,such as: from the physical pointof view we lost part of our country,from the economical point of view our govermente hast to solve it uselessly,and futhermorefrom the moralpoint of view it made us cry and suffer because we not only don't know how or where our parents , brother or sister arebut we don't know if they are suffering any physical ormental desease,suchas "amnesia", but the worst of it is that we can not go on living without one of our relatives with us.
             Wars broke from many and differents reason, to ilustrte this , we can mention countries that want to expand there territories, or even more countries which are facing religious or racial problems.
             another point to coment on are the means of transport and the weapons. Neither the former not the latter are the same as in the ancient times.If we speak about means of transport we can say that in the very beginig soldiers used use horse but nowadays, especiallized trainning group of soldiersare transported by helicopter or fast plane especially designed for yhis events. If we speak about weapons ,we can say that at the very begining soldiers used tofight with knife, arrows, etc, but nowadays, they fight withpowerfull weapons.
             We can also mention another type of wars, such as the wars against crime and deseases and the principal object of this wars are a better way of living for the mankind,.
             we can finish this essay saying that between these wars we must learn to chose the better for us.

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