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The Truth About Helicopter Parenting

             Helicopter parenting is a parent who is overly involved in the life of his or her child. Some people believe that helicopter parenting can be advantageous for the child, but others think it's harmful to today's children. When the kids are in high school, and after they turn 18, 19, and 20, their parents try to be involved in their child's life. Helicopter parenting and bubble-wrapping the child is harmful to children because they need to solve problems on their own, they will rebel on their parents, and every child needs room to grow. .
             Children wouldn't go through live if they don't solve their problems on their own. From the article, "For Some, Helicopter Parenting Delivers Benefits" by Don Aucion, Don mentioned "there are horrible extremes that helicopter parents' can go to, where they don't allow their children to succeed or fail on their own." If the parents do not let the child solve their problems on their own, how will he or she deal with the real world? The parents are not allowing their child to take risks and sometimes fail, they need to let them fail sometimes so they can solve their problem on their own. Every child needs needs to fail sometime. Once they make a mistake, shouldn't go to their parents for help. If the child goes to high school or even a college student, they should know that they are almost an adult or even an adult they they should not go to their parents for help, they need to do it for them selves.
             When parents are hovering over their child all the time, sometime the child will rebel against the mother and father. From the article, "Bubble-Wrapping our Child" by Michael Ungar, Michael mentioned about a 13- year old girl named Tricia was having problem with her parents. Michael said that Tricia was a wonderful girl with a big smile on her face. Tricia's parents, like every other parents, became overly protective of her. After Tricia asking if she can stay out later with friends, her parents began to worry she was putting herself in danger all the time.

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