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Eric Clapton

            A man of such inspirations, of such musical talent. He has and still is living a great musical life. Eric has been through many bands and a great solo career. He has also had his rise and falls in life. This is the story of Eric Clapton's life. Eric Clapton is considered to be a god among all guitarists.
             One of the gods of guitar is born. Eric Patrick Clapp was born on March 30th 1945 in his grandparents" home in surrey England. His name was later changed to Clapton. He was the illegitimate son of sixteen year old Patricia Molly Clapp and Edward Walker Fryer. Before Eric was born Edward Fryer returned to his wife in Canada. Pats parents Rose and Jack Clapp cared for Eric when he was a child. Eric's grandparents never really legally adopted him but he remained with them until 1963. Eric was a quiet, polite and an above average student in school with a love for art.
             Eric took a downfall in life but his music career is born. Eric began to realize that something was not right when he wrote his name as Eric Clapton and his parents as Mr. and Mrs. Clapp. At the age of nine his emotional life was shattered when Pat returned to England with his six year old half brother for a visit. Eric had been raised under the illusion that his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his older sister. She had done this to protect him from the truth. This single event changed Eric's personality in a great way. He became very moody, distant, and stop applying himself in his school activities. At age thirteen he got a guitar. Finding it difficult to play he put aside playing it for a while. Clapton failed all his exams and .
             was sent to St. Bede's Secondary Modern School. Then two years later he entered the art branch of Holyfield Road School.
             In 1961 Clapton began studying at the Kingston Art College of Art on a one-year probation. He was then expelled for not submitting enough work. The reason was that he stared to play guitar again and listened to the blues, which took up most of his working time.

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