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            As long as there has been rock music there have been illegal narcotics. The connection between rock artists and the sedatives is well known and very controversial. The use of drugs is almost always an essential ingredient in the recipe for rock and roll. Usually the artists that are singing about the drugs either write in a form of sociological rebellion or in a free-spirited celebration. Throughout the history of modern music, many bands have spoken out on the legalization of drugs as well as the justification of the recreational use of drugs. Although there are many warnings and censors placed on this type of music, some of the music may pass along its message in a less obvious way. No matter how the message is conveyed, those listeners that want to be influenced or moved by music always readily absorb it. Some of these bands include Pink Floyd, Cypress Hill, The Doors, Eminem, The Grateful Dead, and even Eric Clapton.
             Pink Floyd was probably one of the most influential band throughout the 1970's. Pink Floyd combined the sound of classic rock with developing technology in music distortion to give a new sound that had never been heard before. This particular group was comprised of four men from England that were a late generation of the Beatles (who were known for rebelling against the monarchy and traditional lifestyles of England). One of these traditional lifestyles that the Beatles rebelled against was that of a drug free society and a drug free lifestyle. Pink Floyd can be seen as quite the opposite. While touring for their album, The Wall, lead singer Roger Walters had a near death experience with an overdose of heroin. Other members of the band had also had encounters with the law from use of drugs. One of Roger Walter's songs, "Comfortably Numb", gives the audience his interpretation of his life while he was on heroin. .
             "There is no pain you are receding, A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.

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