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Dangerous Road Users (objectional and bias)

            Concerns For Our Young and Elderly Road Users.
             According to driving instructor Nathan Smith, "Driving is, one of the most difficult skills people learn." He later said "driving safely in today's road conditions requires drivers to have essential skills. Alertness, coordination, concentration, observation, reflexes, basic car control and common sense.".
             The road is a dangerous place for young drivers. It is common for young drivers to be inexperienced and therefore lack the essential skills of driving. Often young drivers are not mature enough to cope with the responsibility of driving. .
             Car advertisements on television may influence young drivers to speed or conduct other dangerous acts. Often seen on television are car advertisements portraying irresponsible or illegal driving behavior to be "sexy" or "cool." .
             In 2002, young drivers made up 7.3 percent of Australian road users. Young drivers were also responsible for 16.3 percent of Australian vehicle deaths.
             Our elderly drivers are also a concern. As drivers get older; so do their skills. It is common for reflexes to become slower and eyesight to become impaired. .
             Thomas Clark, a sixty-year-old ex-truck driver said, "we all have relied on sharp reflexes to pull us out of trouble at some stage. If we didn't have these reflexes we most likely would have found ourselves in a prang.".
             Over the last fifteen years the road toll seems to be decreasing on average for each age group. Except for one. The seventy years and older group seems to remain static, dispite efforts to increase road safety. .
             According to the Australian Department of Road Safety, "safety is going to be aimed strongly at our young and elderly road users." .
             Fortunately we can hope to look forward to safer roads, but must remember until accidents stop occurring, roads will always be dangerous!.
             The roadway is a lethal place to be.

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