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Gender Inequality in Saudi Arabia

            Building a strong society depends things such as a solid educational system, a booming (or at least improving) economy and a thriving government. , and the value of females. Woman plays a vital role in a community in the way in which she puts the basis of a society; being a mother that raises a strong generation, and owns the maternal instinct, which is a weapon that makes a woman have a robust influence on her family. But the question is: what could happen if this role stopped to activate its part in a society? It has always been unfair in Saudi Arabia the way women are being treated in comparison with men and that is why some changes must be done in order to eliminate this distinction and build a solid society. .
             The Saudi women do not have the right to drive a car. That becomes behind the belief of some religious people whom think that women should be prohibited from driving. "Like all women in Saudi Arabia, she is not allowed to drive a car. Women have never been allowed to drive in the conservative kingdom" (Ghazal). So, the government should solve this issue so that women become able to complete their daily requirements. Previously, Saudi women do not have the right to be elected, nor they have the right to vote. "The government continued to exclude women as voters or candidates in the September 2011 municipal elections, despite a two-year delay to allow for logistical preparations to include women"( hrw.org). .
             Saudi women's rights in terms of marriage are somewhat existed due to the traditional tribal principles that families hold most precious. Some women in Saudi are forced to get married from an old man that she barely knows because her father believes that that person is the right one for her." reports of a forced marriage between a 15 year old girl and a man who is allegedly aged between 70-80 years old" (ashaforcedmarriage.org.uk). This comes from the belief that woman are incapable of making their own decisions; therefore, her father will make the decision on her behalf.

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