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social identities

            Social Identities are created by the culture and tradition, all the aspects of our life is mostly shaped by our culture and tradition. There is a great influence of culture and tradition in today's economical world. As we go around the world we would come across groups of people whom we never heard of or nor imagined that these kind of culture do exist. Culture and tradition has been continued to influence the life of people. In India there was system call Sati system, this was a system which all women had to go through.
             In this system wife had to kill herself if her husband dies. This was the system during 1800's or so but still there such incidences occurring in villages although Sati is declared as a criminal offence. This also disturbs the political climate and proves the effectiveness of culture inherited. When ever such incidence occurs religion is always favored because of the mass of people who are uneducated and don't want to leave their morals behind. Even Government isn't able to control this. There is also dowry system going on which is also illegal. In the name of religion there are illegal activities going which are out of control of the government. Ethnic groups are created by different cultural people with different viewpoint towards humanities. Gender inequality is major problem of many poor nations, Nations such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and many other middle east countries have very distinguished inequality between male and female. Female are always treated as slaves in those countries, females are never allowed to vote, they are not allowed to participate in campaign or basically they don't have any right to speak for themselves. They have to do what their husband says or the government says. Taliban ruling over the Afghanistan was controlling all these but these rules became so intact that even after the regime of Taliban people in villages are afraid that what will happen if I speak this or what will happen if I do this.

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