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History of Religion in America

            Kerry Grogan THE 241-01 Task # 1 Oct.
             Facts: Joseph Smith is the founding father of the practice that we know today, Mormonism. He grew up in the early 19th century and as a young teenage boy who claimed to have a series of visitations, revelations from God and visitations from angelic messengers, while he was praying in a grove of trees. Smith claims to have had the blessing of the divine power to guide him to a location of golden plates, which entails scriptures of ancient American prophets, and they became the foundation for his publication, the Book of Mormon. The context of this book, along with the literary passages from the bible became guidance for Mormons. As time passed people from all societies questioned and criticized Joseph Smith's claims and his construction of this new practice, yet he was naive and constantly reminded of the vast amounts of acclaim he received from adults, as he was a young teenager. Joseph Smith, his followers, and his legacy thrived off of controversy and soon became known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This newly formed gathering of people followed in Smith's steps as he set out to spread his word, and time and time again, in many various small towns and communities the Mormon members were teased and exiled from neighbors. This was mainly due to Joseph Smith's acclaims to messages from the higher power, which preached on; salvation, the Trinity, religious experience, and church government. Many people who had become exposed to Smith's revelations had questioned it, as it was all too conveniently parallel to the day in age which they lived (Marty, pages 198-201).
             Marty's judgment: Martin Marty dedicates numerous pages on Joseph Smith in order to prevail the influential ties that Smith has with Mormonism, as well as other aspects of religious history. Throughout the book Marty uses Smith's revelations as examples to further define other aspects of blooming denominations.

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