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Canada and the War on ISIS

            The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also called ISIL) is a terrorist group defined by the United Nations Security Counsel. ISIS has a long history of existence and deep roots in the Iraq and Syria areas that can be traced back to as early as 2004. After the US troops completed their mission of taking down Saddam Hussein who was the dictator in 2003, Iraq was soon soaked in chaotic civil wars between the Sunni and Shia branch of Islam, which are the minority and majority of the Iraq population, respectively. Since then, Iraqi has been segregated by religions. This is also the time that terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS began terrorizing the region (YouTube and CNN.com). Therefore Canada should be actively involved in combating or air striking ISIS to maintain world peace. .
             ISIS and Al Qaeda have a deep connection since they first began as one organization as the Al Qaeda in Iraq in 2004 (Thompson, Greene and Torre). Not only are both organizations defined as terrorist groups by the United Nations Security Council, but also are "radical anti Western militant group devoted to establishing an independent state of Islamic state in the region " (Thompson, Greene and Torre). They are set to turn Iraq and Syria into an Islamic state, and are very willing to brutally move obstacles out of their way. The groups parted each other in early 2014 when Al Qaeda, "disowned the group [ISIS] " (Thompson, Greene and Torre). Terrorist groups are known to be violent and inhumane and yet, ISIS "has proven to be more brutal and more effective in controlling territory it has seized " (Thompson, Greene and Torre). They have done things such as publically beheading people who refused to surrender to them and taking Westerners, Americans in particular, as well as women and children as hostages. ISIS is harder to fight than any other terrorist groups as it is a self-funding group that owns "more than half of Syria's oil assets " (Thompson, Greene and Torre) earning at least a million per day.

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