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Great Britian and UN Sanctions

            Great Britain has been a very powerful country for a long time. Britain is a constitutional monarchy that was once a global empire. It played an important part in the founding of the UN and has been an active participant in its functioning. History shows that Britain has supported the majority of UN resolutions in the past and will therefore likely continue to do so in the future. Britain holds veto powers in the UN Security Council although it seldom has needed to exercise it. So long as Britain's vital national security interests are not challenged Britain will likely support any UN resolution with a strong majority. Some background information about Britain is outlined and then the policy responses to several hypothetical UN resolutions are explored based on Britain's global agenda.
             Britain is an advanced industrialized country whose major import and export commodities are manufactured goods, machinery, fuels, chemicals, food, beverages and tobacco and their major import and export partners are Germany, US, China, Netherlands, France, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Ireland. Although they have a very small amount of land, 229,848 km² to be exact, their population of 64.1 Million is not small. The population density is relatively high at 395 people per square km. The three main ethnic groups in Britain are White(86%) Asian(7.5%) and Black(3.3%). The most spoken languages in Britain are English(92%) Polish(1%) Punjabi(0.5%) Urdu(0.5%). Britain's three biggest cities are its capital city of London with a population of 7,556,900, Birmingham with 984,333, and Glasgow with 610,268. The population of Britain is very urbanized. The literacy rate in Britain is 99% and life expectancy is at 81.5 years.
             Britain is an active member of both the UN Security Council and the General Assembly and I will explore how Britain might respond to several hypothetical UN resolutions. If there were to be a UN resolution calling for a UN peacemaking intervention on any country supporting ISIS, Britain will likely be involved, as there are many reasons it would be beneficial for them and they have supported other similar wars on terror before.

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