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Personal Narrative - My Transformation

            I was awoken by an extreme obscure and stern tone of voice projecting over the PA system. "Please fasten your seat belts, we will be landing at Dar-Es-Salaam International Airport shortly," the air hostess on the aircraft stated. Stretching, I took a peek out the window, the day had gone and night had fallen. I could feel the excitement building up around me as people started preparing for landing. A flood of emotions spread throughout my body. I didn't know what to expect. Would I be able to adapt to such a distinctive lifestyle? I was afraid but all the more excited. One is certain though, that by the denouncement of this life changing experience, I would recall all the tremendous days spent in Tanzania. What an eye-opener it truly was to be given the opportunity to witness the terrible encounters faced by the less fortunate. .
             Subsequent to the extensive 1.5 hour wait at immigration, customs and visa entry, at last it was time to head on over to my Uncle's place. Driving along the awfully quiet path, I glazed out the car window peacefully observing my surroundings. I came to realize how greatly contrastive Tanzania had been in comparison to Canada. Thoughts had flood through my head, positive thoughts of course. This vacation would not be such a terrible one after all. Upon arriving at my Uncle's residence, I was warmly welcomed by my extended family. I was overwhelmed with emotions; it had been approximately 8 years since I had last seen them. As much as I would enjoy speaking and mingling, I was utterly exhausted and was in need of some sleep.
             I forcefully managed to open an eye. There was a lot of commotion present outside my extraordinarily silent room. I took a quick glance at the clock, 5. A.M!! , I wailed. What could possibly be happening this early in the morning? I stepped outside my bedroom, pitch blackness. I preceded a couple steps forward; hundreds of candles came into view.

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