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Famine in Somalia

            Somalia is a country located at the horn of Africa. This county has always hit the headlines for decades and this news has all been negative news. This country is occupied mostly by Muslims. Somalia has been in civil war for quit along time now. This war is still continuing up to date despite efforts by some African countries and the international communities trying to bring peace. This civil war in this country has led to poverty and hunger to many in this country. Despite this country experiencing civil war and instability, Somalia is one of the driest countries in the world. This is the major problem facing Somalia in this modern day.
             People are really suffering and most are really dying because of hunger. Children are the most affected and they die every day due to hunger and diseases coming up because of lack of food. Somalia rarely receives rainfall and so food is scarce and survival is becoming hard. This year alone the United Nations estimated that 260,000 people been killed in Somalia due to famine (UN). Half of this number are children. Famine in Somalia is not only a problem now but a crisis. The whole world should seriously wake up and see what really is happening in this country. This problem is now spreading to other neighboring countries of Somalia because of the many refugees they are receiving from Somalia. These people are leaving their country to go live in bad conditions in search of food (Welle).
             Several solutions have tried to be offered to try and eradicate this disaster. The United Nations and other world food programs have tried giving aid to these people but seriously it does not help for long because every year, these people need food. I congratulate the UN and its bodies for trying but in my mind we are not doing enough to solve this issue. The only solution that is being done is a temporary one at best. If they are given food this year they will definitely need it next year and years to come.

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