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Somalia's Struggle

            Somalia is known as a single nation, but the south and north are two practically separate countries. They have totally different administrative and legal systems. At the independence from Britain and Italy the country had two functional parties/ clan's, one the SNL, which is the majority party, and the USP which is the minority party. "The country is not divided on religious or ethic lines, and there is no dispute over the allocation of wealth from natural resources. Rather it is divided on clan lines, with each clan in fear of incursions of others." (Lederer 1). Somalia is ranked amongst the poorest of countries in the world. This country is struggling from famine, healthcare, debt, and lack of industry. This country has no educational system in place, therefore, the youth cannot learn how to read and write. .
             In 1991, the USP and other rival clans ousted the current leader Mohamed Siad Barre and the country government. Shortly after the revolution the leaders of the clans began to lose trust in each other, this resulted in fighting amoungst each other. They could not establish a government together. Now there is currently no central government in Somalia. Rival warlords dominate a country were battle is frequent and peace is rare. .
             There have been numerous attempts by the UN and other humanitarian agencies to intervene with the countries current state of madness. These agencies have to pay the militias in order to deliver aid to the people of Somalia. "These agencies working in Somalia must pay-and-play for the security game" (CAHN 1). The feudal lords and clan members who wanted to throw off the central government, try to profit by US's unexpected attention to Somalia. .
             "For the sake of their selfish interest they want US's bombing in Somalia to seize the power as the Northern Alliance did in Afghanistan." (World News 1).
             The country has completely collapsed since the government was overthrown.

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