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Government Control in North Korea

            "Thwack! Thwack! " Blood is rushing down the backs of the innocent prisoners as the fierce prison guard pounds them across their backs with the 3inch thick leather whip. In the distance you hear young children crying as they are separated from their parents. Little do they know this will be the last time they will ever see each other. The adults will either be put to work or be sentenced to death depending on their reason for coming to the prison camps. The kids will be put to work on farms or in other prison camps for the rest of their lives. Prison camps are a harsh things and this is just one of the many strict policies/rules that North Korea enforces. The issue of these strict rules and policies, dating back to the Korean War, cause the North Korean government to be considered a theocracy by many.
             North Korea has total control over its citizens. Dating back to the Korean War, North Koreas government has had total control over its citizens. Varying from punishments, prison camps, and they even make you choose one of 28 haircuts ("Facts About "). The first leader of the country created the policy of self-reliance. Meaning that every person needs to take care for themselves and not worry about others. Following this policy the government would force people to spy on other citizens and even their family members (Kim). If the people were caught doing anything wrong the "watchers " were to report them back to the military officials for a punishment. The punishments would range from being whipped, eaten by dogs, hung, or they may even get the death penalty depending on the severity of the crime (Kim). These are all cruel and unusual punishment that need to be put to a stop.
             Even though it doesn't look like the harsh punishment and conditions will ever change, the citizens always have hope and never give up. The main problem in North Korea is the total government control (Head). North Koreas government doesn't care about its citizens.

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