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School Lunches and the Weight Debate

            Do you like your school lunch? Do you think school lunches are good? Could you die from your lunch? Over the past years school lunches have decreased in quality drastically. In the past the jefferson county lunch program realized that some of the children used their school lunch as their only source of food. So instead of just lunches, they boosted them up to like mini dinners, with a lot of nutritional things to feed someone. But now we have to go through with lunches that have almost nothing in it. And the lunches have gone from bad to worse through the last couple years. School lunches try to be healthy but end up being not healthy and disgusting. They use chemicals to make low calorie but end up making it bad. In order for people to eat it, if they ever do get it good and healthy, it also needs to be good tasting. Some people might say that you can get your own lunch depending who you are. But I think, and so do several different people, that people should be able to get lunch from their own school like it always was. I will admit that yes lunches were not that healthy for a little and we have improved a lot, and that maybe we don't have to change and that every school is different. And going back into the past in 1989 the school lunches were good and everything was fine but then people were getting obese and blaming the schools even though it wasn't their fault. .
             According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, between 16 and 33 percent of adolescents in the United States are classified as obese or overweight as of 2008. A number of reasons contribute to this. Teenagers deal with stresses like grades and other things , and fast food, chips, and cookies offer comfort. Maybe its just the simple act of liking these types of foods. The possibilities are endless. However, some people fail to examine another factor which may contribute to teenagers bad nutrition: school lunches.

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