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Ski Trip

            We made our final decision just before Christmas. Til then we had been debating countless times, if we had the money, or how much it would interfere with my parents work and so on. But from a large amount of persuasion by our friends we decided to go. When I found out I couldn't wait, I remember those next couple of days it seemed like we were leaving tomorrow. But alas there was still over 2 months to go.
             As the date of our departure approached, my adrenalin slowly crept up. Even though it was hard to stop thinking about it, I had to, as had countless tests in all subjects at school the last week. After I had completed my school work it time was soon spent packing and shopping. We had decided to rent most of our equipment down there, since we didn't have the money to buy all the things we needed. We did though; buy the necessary clothing which did sum up to a larger amount than expected. After everything was packed, two days early, my parents spent the rest of the time checking and re-checking the bags. .
             Finally the day came. We had loaded up the car the night before, and had prepared our breakfast and lunch for the trip. We were on the road by 6:30. Long before the normal wakeup call. Ahead of us lay a 2 day drive to Cortina, Italy. I remember walking straight from my bed to the car, only stopping to put on some clothes and go to the bathroom. I must have slept 4 or 5 hours in the car, after all those long nights I had used studying for tests. For as I woke we were past Hamburg in the northern part of Germany. I remember sitting thinking we've packed, we are leaving home, we won't be back. Moments later I realised I would be back in Denmark and in class at CIS only 10 days later. This thought brought me back to reality and I realised that we still had a long time to go, so I decided to sleep again as I couldn't think of anything better to do. When I woke we were still in Germany but not far from our destination.

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