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Demographics of a Dental Business

             In terms of age, we should be looking for clients/dentist who are in their maintenance stage (5- 25years) of practice, where they enjoy:.
             - An active patient base of 1,000 to 2,500 .
             - A higher cash flow than in the earlier years, but one that may still be inconsistent .
             - High creativity and continuing improvement in clinical techniques, office design, and technology.
             Also, we could also be looking for clients/dentist who are in their conversion stage (last 10 years) of practice. Features include:.
             - An active patient base of more than 2,500 .
             - "Busyness" issues .
             - A focus on exit strategies .
             - The desire to achieve a balance between personal and professional pursuits .
             - The need to maximize cash flow to make the practice more desirable to buyers and to secure your financial freedom.
             Looking at Dental services in the stages above would be more beneficial for us rather than dentals in the growth stage (0-5 years) and exit stage (5-0 years left) because both growth and exit stages are unstable and have series of obstacles. Approaching them with an offer might be deemed a waste of effort. To an extent, a dental in its growth stage could be approached to help stabilize it. These are the features of dentals in the Growth and exit stages are as follows:.
             - An active patient base of less than 1,000 .
             - High debt and low cash flow .
             - Lack of organized office systems .
             - A high degree of chaos; i.e., "growing pains.".
             - An active patient base whose size will vary, depending on whether you have slowed down or another dentist has entered the practice .
             - A plan to reduce hours or to exit completely.
             Therefore, targeting dentals based on their years of practice is a good way to find potential clients. Thus, we should be looking at recently declared as well as well-doing licensed dentist that have visions to start up a dental service or already have a dental service. These dentist range from ages 25 " 55 years.

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