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Case Summary - Domestic Violence

             Current Living Situation: Shelter Status.
             Family Name: ______________ (mother, 14 year old, 11 year old daughter, 3 month old infant.
             Some of the resources available to victims of domestic violence will teach them how to identify the signs of domestic violence, learn their rights, educate, are a support, and where to get support (Ungar, 2011). Many victims of domestic violence are not aware of the help that is accessible. While still in the DV situation the family may be in fear of reaching out for help due to retaliation from the abuser. Once the family is able to leave the abuser and the abusive situation, they will need a counselor who is knowledgeable in the available resources and which ones the family will benefit most.
             A family who has entered into a shelter will be provided the basic everyday needs. The abuse survivor will be given a temporary place to live, food, assistance and whatever other support needed. While in the shelter the family and a counselor will be able to determine which resources are needed and which are a priority. A counselor can provide the family some assistance in locating resources for individual and family counseling, along with support groups. Often times shelters will have these services available on site. Shelter staff can also offer aid in getting financial assistance and permanent living accommodations. No matter if the family is situated in the shelter or even living in the DV situation a safety plan requires to be set in position. A specialized safety plan needs to be made for each of the family members according to their age and understanding.
             Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence.
             The Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence is an extensive resource provider who is able to provide assistance for the entire family. The Center's main goal is to provide educational resources and expertise to those affected by domestic violence (McMahon 2014).

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