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Sex education, does it lie at school or at home?

            Sex can be traced back as far as Adam and Eve, the first two people on the planet.
             Premarital sex has become more and more accepted in our society. It's depicted.
             everyday in magazines, movies and on television. Because of this wide portrayal and.
             acceptance of premarital sex, many more teens have chosen to engage in sexual activities.
             Now the question is whose responsibility is it to teach sex education? "It is sometimes .
             argued that only parents should have the responsibility for young peoples sex education,.
             but what would happen to the children of the parents who did not have the time or skills.
             to educate at home?" (Lee, C. 1986: 1) The problem that has been at hand for many .
             years is should sex education be offered in schools?.
             There are many reasons why sex education should be addressed in schools but I shall .
             start with listing a few shocking statistics. The information given here is taken from two .
             studies, which viewed together help to give a picture of the situation regarding .
             HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The first is data (IS. 1.) from the department of health (2002).
             and the second is from Nelson Mandela/HSRC study. Surveys were done testing 2348 .
             children between the ages of 2 and 14, the studies reveled that 5.6 % of these children .
             had HIV/AIDS. Another startling statistic (IS. 2.) is that 330 births out of every 1000 .
             births is to a teenage mother. Personally I feel that with statistics like these something .
             needs to be done, does the responsibility lie with the parents?.
             A lot of parents don't know how to approach the subject of sex with their children, they .
             find it taboo and it leads to embarrassment for both the parent and the child. "Parents are .
             concerned about what to teach, how to talk about sexual matters and sexual values .
             (knowing less then their kids do about sex), and how to influence their behavior." .
             (McDowell, J : 155). Most adults believe teenagers know far to much about sex, but .

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