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Korean American Artist - Nam June Paik

            Imagine a man destroys a piano with a hammer and flips piano while his concert is going on and he comes down to the audience seats and all of a sudden he cuts audiences' neckties and splash shampoo toward the audience. If I were one of the audiences, I would be scared so much by such a weird performances of the artist and would not even try to understand what he just did on the stage and would have considered him just as a crazy man. Imagine you saw a man on a street carrying a violin with a dog lead like he carries a dog. You would think that this man must be just out of his mind. These are some experimental art pieces of an artist, Nam June Paik. Nam June Paik is a Korean American artist and is considered to be an inventor and pioneer of video art. .
             Paik was also one of the founding members of Fluxus which is a group of people from different countries who are artists, composers and designers who were experimenting different artistic media and disciplines in the 1960s. Fluxus mainly deals with inter-media in a way that they were active in Neo-Dada noise music and visual art as well as literature, architecture and design and etc and they still continue to explore definition of what it means to be art and what else can be art other than things that are already defined as Art. By that time, as many Western experts started to examine how Western society was in the grip of brutal Western supremacy and Pan-Europeanism that was the best value of all which had taken place after the world war 1 and world war 2 and, along with this examination, Paik also tried to break the boundary of what can be art and what can't be art that is defined by the western oriented theory and started to break it through his art work. He regarded himself as a ˜yellow disaster' and announced the diversity of culture and of the human race.
             You could say that his work has a feature of Neo-Dadaism of art movement in a way that his philosophy breaks the existing forms of art, esthetics and standards that are already been established.

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