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The Pressures of Being a Student

            Attempting college is a very important stage in our life. After high school students go to college or university to continue their education. We all prepare ourselves for the future of adult life. We have to decide what we want to do for a living, what kind of job interests us and what we really like to do. The choice is very important. It depends on how you going to spend your life, and how you will enjoy your life, what lifestyle you'll enjoy, and will you be happy with your job or not. .
             The first pressure is choosing a proper profession. I find it really hard to find a profession that really going to interest me. What happens really often is that students choose a profession that they don't really like and after few semesters they fail, and realize that it's not their profession that they like. They realize that they made a wrong decision and then they change their major to a different one. It turns out that the student wasted his time in class he doesn't need and not only time but also money. Therefor student have to decide what he want to study before they start college. It's very important to choose a profession, Confucius says: " Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. ".
             Another pressure for foreign students they face a lot of difficulties with a language. Different language is very hard to deal with. Students are not fully comfortable, and it can be really difficult for them because of their accent, culture and mentalities can be very different from a country students came from, so it can be kind of hard for them to make friends and to be a part of society. Also for some students American food can be hard to adapt to. And what I think is the most difficult pressure is being far away from family and friends, for periods of time. Nowadays I guess it's easier because we have Skype and they can communicate with their family and friends.
             The final pressure is financial.

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