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The Spiritual Vision of Pope John Paul XVI

            "The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI: Let God's Light Shine Forth,"" is a collection of passages consisting of former pope, Benedict XVI's early teachings and spiritual beliefs. The book begins with an engaging biographical sketch of the life of Pope Benedict and is organized into several topics and uses excerpts from various accounts of his writings, interviews, publications, ecumenical doctrines, and other sources to paint a picture of his life and personal views. .
             Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, was born in the small town of Marktl am Inn, Germany on the sixteenth day of April in 1927. Most of his childhood and adolescence was lived during World War 11, an ominous period of time for the people of Germany and other countries across Europe. The atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazi's left an indelible mark on the world and millions of people's lives. When he was a teenager, he was inevitably drafted into the German army. Young Joseph knew early on that he wanted to live a life dedicated to God, especially during a time in which God seemed absent. The world appeared to be bereft of any benevolent god in the minds of many people. However, Joseph held strongly onto his faith throughout the war, never letting God leave his heart. He knew that God's love would ultimately prevail over the evil and corruption that was present in the world during this heinous time. Soon after the war ended, Joseph, along with his older brother, reentered the seminary in Munich. They were both ordained on the same day, June 29, 1951. .
             The first half of the book gives a brief overview of Benedict XVI's history and early life, and then delves into deeper subjects like his faith and his views on today's world. It follows his life from his childhood living in Germany during the Second World War to his election as pope. The second half uses short excerpts, usually ranging from one or two paragraphs, to give his views on issues regarding the Catholic faith, the modern world, and life as a Christian.

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