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Women In Theilogy

            In the Pope John Paul's statement on women he discusses ways in which women should conduct themselves and how they should respond to certain dilemmas that may come as a result of modern cultures in society today. The Pope's teaching is based on the scripture, God's word and Bible principles. In his method of teaching through the Scripture, Pope John Paul, shows how God feels about women's roles. For example, he states that God had an original plan. Man and woman were to be couple and they were to produce and be fruitful. However in society there is sin and there are problems, which can interfere with the original plan. .
             According to Pope John Paul II, women should be teachers of peace. In section five of his statement, he states in order for women to be teachers of peace, they first have to find peace within themselves. He uses example of women throughout history that have been able to over come problems in society, such as discrimination, racism, and violence. In section Six he discusses how should have a close relationship to their children, how children should be raised in a safe yet loving environment. Because there a many factors involved in the way children turn out every part of their development, children need to be educated through ways of peace.
             Through a Theological method Anne E. Carr she discusses how women are often left, or they are made to feel less important than men. She points out how there is still sexism existing in certain institutions. She explains how religious and theological views of women helped create the negative perceptions of women. She also brings out how women's voices were absent in the church. They are more often seen and not heard.
             Both Anne E. Carr and Pope John Paul II discuss women and they both have interesting methods of discussing women and their roles in society. However as a woman, Anne Carr, relates more and understands what women often go through.

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