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Batman and the Joker

            The Joker is a criminal mastermind with an obsession for Batman, the hero of Gotham city. The Joker doesn't chase Batman with as much intensity until he sees his mutilated appearance; this represents the intelligent evilness that is present in every human, we just have to be given the right mask. A mask is a powerful thing; many people can only be themselves when no one can tell who they are. This mask can also be figurative. An example is the cocky, confidence the joker has, and the dark mysteriousness that accompanies Batman. The hero and the villain are different in so many ways; however they are more alike than you would think. .
             The Joker is a sadistic, criminal mastermind who started as a mercenary who was the best in his field. However, he was depressed because there was no thrill or challenge in his job. He would got what he wanted just by showing his face. With bleach white skin, bright red lips and piercing green hair, his appearance is one that strikes fear in people. Now the Joker wasn't always this horrific to look at, "That chemical vapor-It turned my hair green, my lips rouge-red, my skin chalk-white! I look like an evil clown! What a joke on me!" After a robbery gone wrong, the joker fell into a vat of toxic chemicals causing these horrific defaults to his face. Any normal person would try to forget this macabre event, but no--not the Joker; he dwells on his past. Multiple times he goes back to his story, however, he continues to change it. He prefers to make his past be multiple choice. His full origin origin has never been fully told. the Joker himself says that even he is not sure what his true story is. The Joker was originally intended to die, however a last minute decision was made to keep him in the story. If the joker had died Batman wouldn't be the hero he is today. In his first debut, the Joker was a pure killer. he would announce his next victim and then he would kill them.

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