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The Church's Concerns on the Eco-Crisis

            For the past few decades, we have witnessed great calamities in the world. Earth is running towards destruction. What is the role of church today in addressing the crisis in the eco system and saving the entire creation of the cosmos including human beings? Engaging in this challenging process is a manifestation of Church's love towards nature which fulfils Jesus' commandment, i.e. love your neighbour as yourself. There is a strong relationship between God, man and His other creations. A break in any part of it will affect the other relationship. As Church as a living organism has a responsibility to fulfil one of the eternal purposes, keeping the earth in life and fullness.
             Churches today have not yet aware of the plan and purpose of the God's creation and Church's part in protecting it; instead they concentrate only on salvation of human souls. Most of the Churches are found excluded from the participation of involving itself in saving the nature from destruction. Thus Churches fail to bring awareness of salvation, which is not only restricted to humans but also to other creations i.e. environment. If we look into Genesis 1: 28, God commanded humans to "fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over.earth". This led to the common misunderstanding among human beings that God has given it deliberately to exploit nature and its resources. The two words "subdue " and "dominion " do not carry the sense of exploitation but rather it has a deeper meaning: to tread upon, to rule, to direct, to make useful, to nurture, to develop and to beautify the nature and the entire ecosystem. This shows God's interest in the life of the creations and not just on the dominating authority for the human beings over the rest of the creations.
             God created human beings and all the creations. God's concern for all the creations did not stop with the action of creating alone. We should understand that God's concern for the creations became extended after the action of creating, where God shows His interest in the continuance of their existence and life.

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