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Teacher Tenure Laws

            Teacher tenure laws have long been a source of controversy throughout the United States. Recently, the teacher tenure law in California was ruled unconstitutional. The Vergara v. California case has become an avidly discussed topic in and the controversies continue. The source of controversy seems to be that both sides of the teacher tenure issue hold viable arguments. Tenure is a protection given to teachers that guarantees them job security, making them extremely difficult to terminate simply if should they meet several years of experience. Teacher tenure has been critiqued of being extremely outdated; this belief holds weight as the "concept has deep historical roots in property law " especially from the English feudal system"" (Vacca 1). This issue, like any other controversial issue, is multifaceted and should be met with close analysis before any decisions are made, the way to solve this is by not giving teacher tenure.
             The advocates of teacher tenure would argue that it is not the fault of the teacher per-say, but of other economic, environmental, and federal factors that contributes to the atrociously sub-par education students in the public school system receive today. Those who utilize this argument, while somewhat correct, continue to see this with an extremely biased view. Every job, including teaching contains a clause, which states something along the lines of; "Every employee is expected to follow the working hours of his or her job description as well as all of the elements of the code of conduct"" (Human Rights Commission 1). A teacher's job description entails teaching their students, and if a teacher is not able to meet this requirement a teacher should not be able to hold the position, as any other job would expect them to. Every career path has some employees who are certainly more talented, or better equipped at their job. Teaching is one of the most important career fields because these teachers are quite literally molding the future, to allow below average teachers to teach students is immensely illogical and potentially damaging to the future of our planet.

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