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Ismet Inonu and Turgut Ozal

             Turkey stands out as one nation that has been through fire and water in order to where it is today, a success. Throughout history, turkey has managed to gain a large pool of politicians with different personality. In this paper, we will be discussing Ismet Inonu and Ozal, both being politicians who managed to hold the offices of prime minister as well as president of Turkey. We focus on their historical background hence link it to their personality and achievement as politicians. It is important to note the fact that personality plays a big role in ensuring the success in leadership. The paper goes further to highlight some of the achievements that these politicians managed to gain during their rule. Both Inonu and Ozal could be said to be very successful in their tenures especially being that the nation demanded different things for the varying times that these leaders served.
             Ismet Inonu.
             In spite of the numerous titles that Inonu managed to gather during his life, it is important to note that he grew up just like any other citizen of Turkey. Inonu was born in the year 1884 in a small town by the name Izmir. The town was situated around the Aegean region of Anatolia. In history, not much information is given about the parent. One thing that stands to be clear is the fact that the parents were ready to nurture a military man. His tracks are full of military training hence becoming a prime minister and even a president came as bonuses to a hard working man. Most of the facts available about Inonu start from the point where he joined the 2nd army back in 1906. Before this, one could not have a good grasp of the character of a simple boy who would grow up to lead the masses. .
             Inonu was ushered into politics when he joined the Terakki party in the year 1906. This is the same year that he got the title of a superior captain in the military force. While in the military, he managed to accomplish numerous tasks that were highly appreciated and even earned him more admiration from the people who knew him.

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