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Democracy and the Economy of the United Kingdom

            Democracy is a political system where decisions are made in the interests of the people by decision-makers who are elected, accountable and can be got rid of peacefully. There two two types of democracy: direct and representative ones. In the UK there is a direct democracy which gives every citizen the right to participate, the opportunity to express their views, thoughts and where voters determine specific policy outcomes. There is a constant debate whether the UK is a truly democratic country or not and to what extent. It is believed that nowadays Britain has a massive issues: the electoral system is totally unfair, there are unelected political members and the lack of parties, Civil Rights are in danger, citizens no longer have a wish to participate in elections, the media is prejudged and, finally, the UK is not representative. This essay will evaluate how to make the Great Britain more democratized. .
             The major point is that there is a low rate of political participation in the UK that might lead to an arbitrary and autocratic government. It is significant element because it makes the government more accountable. There are some ways which can prevent this undemocratic style. Firstly, the UK government can introduce the compulsory voting which is nowadays enhanced in Australia. This method would force citizens to affect the outcomes of elections and make them more politically aware of issues. The second way is to increase the use of referendums in order to encourage political engagement. Although a referendum result is not binding totally on parliament (it is omnicompetent), it has to be stressed that it is almost unthinkable that the UK Parliament would defy the expressed result of a referendum. The referendum is the most direct form of democracy that also helps to make decisions legitimate and confirms the principle of government by consent. Finally, there can be reduced the voting age from 18 to 16 to improve engagement even among the youth.

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