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Alexander the Great

             People throughout history have been labeled great emperors, philosophers, scientist, and generals. Alexander the Great is one of the people discussed in history classes today. He is discussed because he has been called one of he greatest generals of all time. He is considered by many well know scholars and historians to be a military genius. Alexander the Great is one of histories most influential people and widely know for his great achievements. He conquered the Persian empire in only a few years after taking the throne. He helped spread Greek society to new areas of Europe and Asia. His influence on society help pave the way for the Roman society. .
             Alexander, born in 356 BC, was the son of Philip II of Macedonia. His tutor, Aristotle, opened his mind to the world of science, medicine, literature, and philosophy. In the year 336 BC, his father was brutally assassinated. Heir to the throne Alexander took command at the age of 18. Rebellion in the land and the presence of hostile people was Alexander first job. He quickly settle disputes and calmed the country. He then set his sights on conquering the Persian Empire. His father had always dreamed of capturing the Persian Empire but never achieve his goal. In 335 BC, as general of the Greeks he started a campaign against the Persians. He quickly defeated the Thracians, and was able to gain control to the Danube River. Leading his army against the Illyrians and defeated them in just one week. Alexander was know for developing new tactics of war. He was able to conquer armies so quickly because the enemy didn"t know what to expect. In the spring of 334 BC, he began his war with the Persian army. He crossed Hellespont with an army of 35,000 Macedonian and Greek troops. At the river Granicus, near the ancient town of Troy, he found the an army of the Persian Empire totaling 40,000 men. According to tradition, he supposedly only lost 110 men in this battle.

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