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Biology Experiment Proposals

            Admiral Fitzroy was a commander of the HMS Beagle, and he helped out in the Darwin Expedition. He was also a meteorologist at some time and used a barometer made from storm glass. By observing the liquid in the storm glass it was supposed to tell you what the weather would be like. I'm interested in this because I've always wanted to see if something like this could actually work, or if it's just a myth. If I were able to do this project I would need to get or make a storm glass, which would be a hard thing to do because you would need a lot of different chemicals. Another problem is the good storm glasses are all very expensive, and making one is very difficult and it takes time that I probably wouldn't have. Otherwise it sounds like a very exciting experiment because you get to see how the storm glass' predictions relate to the actual predictions made by the weather channel and other websites. .
             Many people don't know that mushrooms are not plants. They are fungi, and they need different conditions to grow. Another project I'm interested in doing is the effect of different weather conditions (humidity) and amount of light on the growth of a Morel or Shiitake mushroom. This interests me because I want to see if changing the amount of light given to the mushroom could actually stunt its growth or increase it. The only issue with this is that I have never grown a mushroom before, so I wouldn't really know the first thing about doing so but I'll try. Also I don't know if I would need a greenhouse to keep my mushrooms in as they grew. The other problem is depending on if the experiment goes as planned the mushrooms could take up to four weeks to fully grow. However, I feel like it would be worth the wait to find out the perfect conditions that a mushroom can thrive in, so it makes it easier if I ever had to grow mushrooms again.
             Spider web silk may seem very fragile but it is either the same or stronger than steel.

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