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My Slow Educational Climb

             I was mad about the time and money wasted but that was nothing compared to the disappointment from my parents. They remained supportive but I felt they were worried for what was to come of me. They have given me everything, but there was very little I had given them in return. I wanted nothing more than success but I was unable to form any of the habits essential to acquire that goal we all want me to reach. I was able to graduate from high school but taking college courses with a full time job was something I could not handle. I dreaded going to work but even more so I hated my classes. Coming home from work at night, I chose to relax instead of doing my work. I would sit there thinking about all of the schoolwork I needed to do but could never find the motivation. That forced me to stop taking classes but I hoped to one-day restart on the pathway towards success.
             Six months later I was doing nothing but working, slaving away at my dead end job. Making money was nice but it killed me inside knowing I was still not taking steps to accomplish my goals. Seeing my peers off at school was bad, but worse was my family seeing me doing nothing productive with my life. They saw me as a "bad investment " and decided to give me much less support. As a result of this I was now expected to pay for my rent, car payments, phone bill, and car insurance. This made things even worse because I thought that I would never be able to quit my job and go to one of the large universities I dreamed of attending. This was tough but even worse was the fact that I had mediocre grades in high school and had nearly flunked out of community college just six months earlier. I never thought there would be a school that would accept me after seeing that on my record. Bothered by all of this I decided to talk to my grandparents seeking any advice they could give me. While talking to them, they seemed very hopeful that I would be able to get my life on track.

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