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My Obstacle - Dyslexia

            Walking onto the stage with the lights dim and music ready to start, I feel the energy of the crowd as I begin to dance my heart out. Dancing has been part of my life since I started taking classes at the age of four. I had no idea how important dance would be to my life. When I was a little girl, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, which causes children to have trouble with word recognition, decoding and spelling. Unfortunately, my disability was severe enough that my parents made the decision to have me repeat first grade. This challenge made me feel different than the other students in my class, but it also allowed me to have the courage to work hard and put my whole heart in everything I do, and everything that I have accomplished. Dance gave me the confidence and courage which allowed me to conquer my most difficult challenge of my life, dyslexia. .
             Although it might seem to all be the same, dyslexia is different for every person born with this disability and I am proof of that. My challenge of getting through my obstacle of dyslexia started when my parents decided to have me repeat first grade. I started to go to tutors who helped with my reading and writing skills. My tutors taught me to sound out words, read out loud to myself, and to write words multiple times until my brain understood the concept. I would try my best on tests and quizzes, but school didn't come easy to me and I had to work twice as hard as everyone else. When school was giving me trouble, I would always take my emotions and express them through dance. My dance classes have allowed me to take my troubles and place them in a box for later. My disability has been a struggle throughout my life, and I still need to continue to overcome my dyslexia, but with hard work and putting my whole heart inside everything I do I will overcome my obstacles and achieve my dreams.
             Dyslexia can affect a person throughout their childhood and even adulthood.

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