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Future Relations of World Super Powers

            The purpose of this research paper is to analyze the situation between the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China and if they are in the midst of a conflict due to the growing role of China in the international realm. This paper will begin with a brief history of the past decade, presenting how these two powerful nations arrived at this issue. Further, I will introduce the major theoretical approaches in international relations to examine the affairs between the two countries, which include, liberalism, social constructivism, and realism, all of which provide contrasting and somewhat overlapping views; as a result of, the different aspects of detail each theory focuses on. However, due to the complexity of each theory encompassing different internal points of views and debates within each other, I will provide a broad introduction of each theory based on the standard beliefs and assumptions and work from there. Liberalism and social constructivism will be established on the foundation of the opposing standpoint, undertaking a purely optimistic view, contrasting my personal assumption as well as the Realist perspective. Towards the end of the paper I will elaborate on my view, which falls under a realist perspective, on what I anticipate to be the future outcome of this potential hostile confrontation. My standpoint will be based on the contemporary events China is facing, such as its belligerence towards Japan over a dispute of territory, and will also be based on historical evidence of countries in similar positions of China as a rising power that have resulted in armed conflicts. I stand firmly to believe, through the eyes of a realist, the aggression of the Chinese government towards neighboring states will push the United States to intervene. Thus, resulting in opposing national interests to collide with one another, essentially provoking a dangerous conflict between the two most powerful nations on earth.

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