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Britain, France and Imperialism

            During the colonial era, much of Europe was focused on the idea of Imperialism. In addition, Imperialism was centered on the top two empires from Western Europe: Great Britain and France. Britain and France generally had the same principles when dealing with their respective colonies. The colonies served as a great expansion to both the countries, providing the colonial masters with territory and material. In a broad sense, they both widely influenced the people of the colonies with religion (Christianity); The Charter Act of 1813 allowed Britain to preach Christianity in India. Though vastly similar, Britain and France still had differences, like how France uses assimilation more than how Britain uses it. The photos in Egypt, ruled by Britain, and the photos in Africa, ruled by France, are examples of the Third World countries in the 19th century. They wore little to no clothing, and their dwellings were exposed to the open which called for a need for a lifestyle improvement. Regardless of the minor differences Britain and France had held, the two major empires were still almost identical due to their selfishness in only wanting to benefit themselves, while potentially harming the colonies. This proved certain when the third-world countries began to feel a need for liberation.
             One of many colonies, Vietnam had long dealt with the restricting laws held against them, resulting in highly motivated spirits to fight for liberation from the French empire, making them look like devils trying to stricture the Vietnamese from freedom. In Ho Chi Minh's sarcastic announcement, he thanks the French for instilling "opium shops which, together with firing squads, prisons, 'democracy,'", which all should improve the country (Prashad, 6). Planting opium shops will not create happiness for a colony's people but in fact create benefits for the ruler of that colony. The ruler will receive economic benefits through the opium shops that the Vietnamese consumers purchase from.

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