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French Imperialism

            Economical and Political Reasons for French Imperialism in Southeast Asia .
             The famous historian, ajfaskdjf asdkfjaslkdf, once wrote: "Every country that we now view as a success once had a chance at the reigns of the world." For many it is hard to believe that at one time, France had this opportunity. The reigns in which the French tried to grab hold of would eventually slip out of their hands, bloodstained and broken. Frances involvement in the region of the world known to some as southeast Asia and to others as Indo-China is a part of history that goes quite unnoticed and unrecognized, yet it is arguably one of the most important historical events in modern history. There are many topics to be covered, and many questions to be asked, but the most important of these ideals swarm back to Frances political and economical involvements with Indo-China. .
             To understand why France was involved with Indo-China, it is necessary to look further back into history. Since nearly the beginning of time, it has been considered a customary human nature to spread and expand when given the opportunity. This was no exception with the British .
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             who with the development of advanced sailing techniques and new outlooks as a result of the Renaissance and Enlightenment, began to expand. With the formation of colonies in the Americas and various different colonies along Africa, India, and Indo-China, other European colonies were soon to follow. With a grant for the creation of the East India Company in 1604 by Henry IV, the French, who always struggled to match the economic super power that was Britain, took advantage of the opportunity. The French began to build colonies along the west and eastern coasts of Africa, the southern coasts of modern-day Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, and Laos. Here the French conducted business generally in the form of trade and passed along religion.

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