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The Marijuana Debate

            A CBS News poll after the November elections found that as many Americans now favor legalizing marijuana as those who favor its prohibition which only a year earlier 51 percent opposed legalization and 40 percent favored it, the other nine percent were undecided. Mostly people under 45 now support legalization, while it remains strongly opposed among those over 65. Colorado and Washington remain the only two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. They have both set ordinances and guidelines to regulate the use, amount, and distribution of Marijuana. The Obama administration's views on enforcing federal laws to outweigh the state laws of marijuana use still remains unclear. No federal action to reprimand that state laws have taken place. Whether you agree with the use of marijuana for recreational purposes or not, the use for marijuana for medical reasons stands as an entirely different debate. .
             83 percent of Americans favor the medical uses of marijuana which has risen from 77 percent in 2011 and an even lower 62 percent in 1997, but most of the individuals surveyed said they believed that most marijuana purchased through medical programs did not in fact get used for medical reasons. This stands as a big controversy in the country, especially within the last few years. Many benefits and detriments towards one's health can come from the use of this drug or the influence marijuana has on the use of other drugs. Unlike Colorado and Washington that are still the only two states legalizing marijuana for recreational benefits, there are 20 U.S. and the District of Columbia that allow the use of marijuana for medical reasons. There are many helping and hindering factors of the use of marijuana as a legalized drug. Let's take a look inside and see the beliefs and views of many people on this topic. .
             Many believe that marijuana has proved itself as a beneficial drug in the use of helping a person's health.

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