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Criminalization of Bullying

            According to Webster Dictionary, a crime is classified as a "gross violation of the law" and bullying does not fall into the category. Throughout the years, bullying is often regarded as a right of passage, something a teen must endure before they enter adulthood. However, in recent years bullying has taken a new form in the lives of pre-teens and teenagers across America. The U.S. Department of Education's most recent school crime and safety survey showed schools are safe but that bullying remains a persistent problem. Nevertheless, many continue to examine the victims and not the bully. Bullies, who are often under the age of eighteen, come from various situation that may influence their behavior. Instead of creating juvenile delinquents at a much earlier age, we should begin to examine the reasons behind bullying behavior and who's to blame for a child's lack in judgement. .
             Bullying may be caused by lack of family support, academic performance, or concern based on physical appearance. James Lehman MSW and child behavioral therapist as author of The Secret Life of Bullies: Why They Do It and How to Stop Them, states that "bullying is the proverbial easy way out," and sadly, that some kids take it reflects corrupted childhood innocence. James Lehman uses a logical and ethical appeal to express the ideas of bullying. He states that men or women who beat or intimidate their spouse and scream at their children didn't learn to be an effective spouse or parent from their parents. The cycle of aggressive behavior would take place because children are being taught the wrong things and aren't learning from their parent mistakes. Lehman says, "bullies usually control others by verbal abuse and making people feel small. Realize that the behavior doesn't start when someone is in their teens, it usually begins when a child is five or six years old." This statement suggests that aggressive behavior starts at a young age.

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