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A Response to Bullying

            Bullying plays a major role in our school systems and workplaces. The resulting factor of an event that involves bullying is never positive in any way. A victim's life can be ruined and maybe even taken away in the process. Bullying has been around for so many years but with today's technology, television violence, social network, and family poverty, plays a major role in making it easier for kids and adults to become targets of bullying. Coming from a less fortunate family can play a major role in bullying. The bully is all about picking on those he or she thinks is from a less fortunate family than him or herself. Kids or adults who have low incomes or are less fortunate than most other people are mostly the victims of bullying. They are targets of bullying because they do not have the fanciest clothing and the money to live in the most expensive homes. Those that bully others tend to attack victims in areas where they know it is going to hurt. For example, talking about one's clothing, how she or he looks, and the environment they come from (living status) causes the person being bullied to feel ashamed.
             Speaking from personal experience, I was bullied from the first day I started school in the United States of America, on June 20, 2007. This country is where I experienced personal firsthand bullying. I came to this country speaking English with a Liberian accent and was made fun of every day in elementary school because of my English and how I looked. I did not speak English with the 'twang' like my fellow classmates, nor did I look, or act like them. Girls would follow me in the bathroom and push me around, make fun of me in class, and the teachers did nothing about it. I was constantly bullied in school because I did not have the newest style clothes that came out, nor the newest shoes. I was bullied because I spoke differently and dressed differently from everybody else.

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