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College Overview - University of Notre Dame

             The University of Notre Dame establishes its strong roots within American history through its significant influences on America and how it has developed a mystique. It creates a unique identity through its customs and influences that were brought upon them through their mission, foundation, immigration, Catholicism, and gender roles in the United States.
             I. Founding/ History.
             A. A 28-year-old French Priest, Rev. Edward Sorin and his 7 companions, founded the University of Notre Dame on November 26, 1842, All apart of the Congregation of Holy Cross. .
             B. Rev. Edward Sorin and his 7 companions acquired 524 acres given to them by the Bishop of Vincennes in the Indiana mission fields.
             II. University of Notre Dame's mission.
             A. The University's mission includes the pursuit and sharing of the truth, including diverse presence and expression, developing a disciplined mind, body, and spirit, and recognize the achievements of humans while showing awareness to the underprivileged and cruelty to those affected. Notre Dame does this while simultaneously integrating Catholicism into their "forms of knowledge in the arts, sciences, professions, and every other area of human scholarship and creativity " (The University of Notre Dame).
             III. Explanation of the mission.
             A. The University of Notre Dame is attempting to make a "place of teaching and research, of scholarship and publication, of service and community. ".
             B. The university takes the three characteristics of Roman Catholicism of Jesus Christ, his spirit, his gospel, and his sacramental vision and incorporates it into their mission.
             IV. Impacts of Notre Dame.
             A. The University of Notre Dame has a mystique that is very challenging to explain. .
             B. Notre Dames football team has helped develop a mystique that is very unique to the University.
             C. The football team fights through all of the prejudice they face.
             V. American Catholicism.
             A. During the 1840s there were many immigrants coming over from Europe.

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