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Meanings and Expressions of Love

            "Love" a word easy to spell, difficult to define and nearly impossible to live without it. Love has several related, but distinct meanings depending on the context. It is can be used to describe a plethora of issues like feelings, emotions, attraction, attachments, kindness, compassion, affection, friendship, and romance. Humans express love by their actions and experience love through feeling. The exact definition of love can be gotten only in a particular context. Most attempts to give a general definition to love only make it elusive. This paper is about my fascination in defining love from different perspectives. The origin of love dated some 1.8 million years ago (Fuentes 2002). Love evolves out of human need to bond with one another so as to facilitate survival and reproduction (Buss 1988a; Fisher 1998). The ability of humans to survive and thrive is made possible by being attached to one another. Bowlby in 1982 reported that love leads to increase survival. .
             Love is an elaborate word that is difficult to define using a single definition. It can be seen as a general expression of a positive sentiment when contrasted with hate. Love is feelings, attitudes and states that range from affection to pleasure. Fisher in 1992 defines "love" as an emotion with a powerful influence in many areas of life. The Merriam Web Dictionary defines love as a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection; a loyal and benevolent concern for others. These are just a few definitions of love; many other definitions exist for love depending on the context. Different aspects of love can be classified by determining what is not love. Love as an expression of positive sentiment is commonly contrasted with hate or apathy. Also, love as an emotional, intimate form of romantic attachment is commonly contrasted with lust. Furthermore, love as an interpersonal relationship is commonly contrasted with friendship.

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