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Love & Hate

            Some people see love and hatred as opposites, but in definition, and by the opinion of others they have more similarities than differences. Love itself, cannot be defined, it has the opinion of far too many people, so the answer to the question, what is love? There is no exact answer. Hate, on the other hand, has the same opinion from most people so it has more of an exact answer. .
             The dictionary definition of love states that love is defined as deep affection and warm feeling for another, as well as a strong fondness or enthusiasm towards someone. For instance, when you love someone you begin to think that they are more important than anyone or anything. Good thoughts about this person float through your mind constantly throughout the day. Love can only be successful and fulfilled to the extreme when it goes both ways.
             Most people see hate as a strong word, and that it is, but they also use it at an inappropriate time. For instance when a child is upset with their parents, they most likely say, "I hate you", but they do not mean it. Hatred is defined as a feeling of intense dislike towards someone, extreme aversion or hostility. .
             When you hate someone, you have negative feelings and thoughts for that person. Thoughts of this person go through your mind as well, but opposite that of love thoughts.
             Love and hatred are both independent factors that express an opinion, a thought, and affection. They both share the same intentional value, to express a strong feeling for someone or something. Although the meanings of love and hate are opposite, they are connected in many ways. For example when you hate someone, you do not feel love toward that person, and when you love someone you do not feel hate for that person. They are dependent on each other in different situations. Without one, the other would be in its place. .
             In conclusion, love and hatred and have many similarities in which they share, but their definitions remain opposite.

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