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Love And Hate!

            In the mystery of the concepts that people derive many definitions from, and add many definitions to still remain a mystery. In my opinion, it is hard to put just one definition to those two concepts. It is looked at by different people at many different angles and views. Some twist and turn the concept "love" to make it a negative, but twists the concept "hate" to become a positive concept. In some perspective, which happens to be the most popular, is vice versa from this. .
             In the bible, its states clearly that God does not "hate" anyone, but loves then with his heart, and he expects us to do the same, but it is claimed that it is harder to love than to hate. In order to love someone, especially if you are outside the Christian body, is difficult. When you say you can see the hate in a certain person's eyes, you can tell that this person does not have the love of Jesus in his or her heart. You can also say that a person does not love by the way that person may act towards others, by the way of their actions and attitudes, but this is not entirely true.
             A person may have lots of love in their heart for someone, but hatred and abuse is the only way they know how to show it. It could be because of their upbringings, the way they were treated, or because that is the way they choose to show it. These certain things can not be figured out unless that person is willing to open themselves up to learn new ways of expressing their love for someone. If that person is willing to open him or herself up, they could also know what it really means to love, and that the way they are doing it is not the right way, or not the smart way to do it anyways. .
             When a person is willing to open up, then he is also willing to change his ways, especially in relationships with the opposite sex, where most domestic violence occurs. When a person knows that he is truly loved, he is more and more willing to open up and learn new ways while turning completely away form his former, abusive ways.

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