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Love to Hate

             This show provides a very humorous outlook on a very disturbed love life. The view this couple shares is one where marriage has bound them together and they have no way out of it. Another view they share is one that portrays marriage as an obligation instead of a joyful experience. This portrayal of marriage is equally unreal as the happily ever after idea we grew-up with. .
             Al, the husband, is a women's shoe salesmen who makes very little money. He has a drive to make an easy buck regardless of who he cheats. Al's views are very barbaric as far as what women are to men and what men are to women. His mannerisms include sitting on the couch watching dirty films with his hands in his pants. Al is also a big fan of the strip clubs. He can't stand any thing about his wife. The sound of her voice gives him chills the look of her hair makes him sick. Her constant badgering for money drives him crazy. Al is also very dirty and repulsive. He's the type that would take stained pair of underwear and hide them in the couch rather then put them in the laundry. Al hates his job and wants nothing but time with his poker playing beer drinking buddies. He gives his daughter, Kelly and his son, Bud money to stay out of his hair, so he can enjoy his time with his friends.
             Peg, the wife, is a stay at home mom who does none of the expected duties of a mother, wife, nor housekeeper. She is portrayed as the type that likes to sit on the couch watching her soap operas and eating her snacks. Peg dreads the idea of cleaning. Just to mention the word makes her run. Cooking is another thing Peg refuses to do. If food is needed she prefers spending the little money they have on fast food. Peg also like to spend money. She orders needless items from magazines or spends it on her nails and hair. When she is not begging Al for money she is begging him for sex or to treat her like the neighbor, Jefferson, treats his wife, Marcie.

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