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Love and Hate

             Many people find the word love extremely hard to define. Well upon looking in the dictionary, it defined love as being deep, tender, a feeling of affection toward a particular person. This may arise form a feeling of affection and recognition of attractive qualities, or a feeling of being whole as one. All that is fine and dandy but what exactly does this mean on an individual basis? The Greeks have three words that are translated into the word meaning love. The words that translate into love are Eros, Agape, and Philia.
             Eros is the sexual aspect of love and having to so with lovemaking and intercourse. It is described as being a burning desire and a lust for someone. Philia is the part of love having to deal with the abnormal attraction of people or beings, this is the part of love that most people base their decision on whether or not a person is going to accept the invitation of another. Agape is the part of love having to do with the spirituality and the inner feeling one feels for another, in other words love taken to the next level. The "Love and Hate" section of The Human Experience goes ahead and tries to explain the various genres or meanings of love in addition to giving examples of each.
             In the poem "If everything happens that can't be done," by E. E. Cummings gives an example of two people that are in love with each other, yet like people are always going to do they hated on them which basically means they felt that they shouldn't be together. Using an excerpt from the poem "there's somebody calls who's we" seems to let me know that they may have been totally two different people but like the old saying goes opposites attract, and when they were together they were in bliss. This bliss is made obvious from the lines, "we"re anything brighter than even the sun, we"re every anything more than believe, we"re wonderful one times one." Here this poem is representing a form of philia, due to the fact that they were very much in love it seemed abnormal for the two of them to be together.

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