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The Cultural Outsiders - Ethnic Discrimination

            The society is influenced by ethnic diversity in several ways that draw so much discourse in the current world. Diversity alters the societal character by redrawing racial and ethnic boundaries. It also promotes racial and ethnic identities that help to challenge negative images. Moreover, it introduces itself into social spaces that were once void of racial and ethnic population. In these sense racial and ethnic minorities have increased in their identity in the risks and challenges they face in the United States society (Aguire 49) In the United States, the identifiability of persons within racial and ethnic populations has increased because of diversity (Aguire 49). This paper, therefore, seeks to draw attention into how the diversity influences society, not in just non-material culture but also in the material culture with a focus on the United States culture.
             American society is influenced by ethnicity diversity in several ways. First, different ethnic locations have ways in which they approach food and how they choose and select it. People, coming from certain ethnic backgrounds, have ways that determine attitudes and outlook towards life, people, health and not forgetting food choices (S Dindyal 2003). When born, they are said to be of a blank slate or a state of being tabularized. But as they continue to grow, they begin to learn new ways of doing things that stick into their empty brains for life. These factors as Dindyal would state, emanate from the countries which they originate, and they shape their attitude about food. For example, an African and Afro-Caribbean, usually consume foods rich in meat, rice and wheat (S Dindyal 2003). On the other hand, Eastern and far eastern groups consume foods rich in herbs and spices, while the typical western groups feed on dry foods and plainer than their counterparts, but with high meat content. These define the manner in which the society is shaped and also the way in which individuals feel alienated when they say migrate to other countries.

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